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Report: Mental Health & Housing: Housing on the Pathway to Recovery

This new report form HACT, Common Cause Consulting and the National Housing Federation outlines the evidence to support the inclusion of housing in the recovery pathway and the types of intervention that can contribute to improvements in quality and cost savings in mental health.

Recovery-focused services are a central component to making mental health services fit for the twenty-first century. Our earlier short guide to housing and mental health outlined the central role housing can play in the recovery pathway, alongside the additional benefits a greater integration of housing and healthcare providers could accomplish. We have identified the necessary steps towards a whole-systems approach to the commissioning and provision of housing and support services in mental health, and in doing so hope to show a clearer path for housing to be integrated into mental health.

Housing- and health-related support services have a key role to play at each stage of someone’s recovery. With economic analysis from the London School of Economics, and a host of case studies, the report demonstrates that housing and housing-related services are instrumental in tackling the challenge of improving cost-effectiveness while also delivering higher quality services.

High quality mental health support needs a whole-systems approach and the report encourages providers of both housing and NHS services to come together to form a ‘supply-chain’ for delivery.

To access the report please click here