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White Paper: Accountable Care

In our new Housing and Health White Paper on Accountable Care, we explore the opportunities presented by greater devolution in health and social care as posed by the Accountable Care model, and the potential for collaboration with housing through this new model of care.

The Five Year Forward View  (2015) set out a unifying strategy for a more place-based approach to healthcare in the NHS as a way of overcoming fragmented commissioning and service provision.

The Accountable Care Organisation model will be key to realising this vision, which is currently being pioneered through two types of NHS Vanguard site, Multi-specialty Community Providers, and Primary and Acute Care Systems. We will set out the vantange points from which housing associations could contribute to these models of care to help realise this vision of place-based healthcare, and highlight the unique set of skills they possess as developers and community-based organisations to make these contributions. 

Access our new Housing and Health Whitepaper on Accountable Care here. 

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